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HICUP Awards

HICUP Awards

Project Pan map (Klen Čopič Pucihar, Bojan Simončič, Peter Simončič, Leo Gombač) won first prize at startup competition Podjetna Primorska 2017. Pan map — panoramic map of the future, is a mobile application that enables users to point their phone camera into panoramic map and reveal digital content such as weather report, icons at important landmarks that can be clicked to show image gallery, videos, opening times or simply start the navigation to the selected point of interest. For more information see gallery of images or visit website of our start-up company https://www.panoramske-karte.si/pan-map.

Bachlor student Patrik Kocjančič recieved honorary mention for his final year project titled "Experiential learning in the case of reliving echolocation".

Bachelor student Leo Gombač received honorary mention for his final year project "3D Virtual Tracing and Depth Perception Problem in Mobile AR"

Computer science students participated at Primatijada competition, which took place between 28 April and 3 May 2017 in Čajn Montenegro. 15 students from UP FAMNIT competed in the contest of knowledge and achieved excellent results. In the competition in informatics Leo Gombač won 1st place, Valentin Sojar and Patrik Kocjančič 2nd place, and Peter Kozlovič the 3rd place.

The Rector prof. dr. Dragan Marušič bestowed 13 awards to professors and students at the 14th Ceremonial Academy of the University of Primorska (16.3.). Among awards were the title of professor emeritus, gold medal, honorary certificate, awards for scientific and teaching excellence, and awards "Srečko Kosovel" and "University of Primorska" for students.