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DIST Department of information sciences and technologies

Bachlor student Patrik Kocjančič recieved honorary mention for his final year project titled "Experiential learning in the case of reliving echolocation".

The thesis presents a description of the concept of echolocation, who uses it and where you can meet it. Echolocation is the ability of living organisms, which allows certain animals and also some people moving into the area in a different way. Echolocation based on the transmission of high frequency sounds, which are reflected from the obstacles and return as echoes to the receiver.

The thesis also presents prototype Android apps that will simulate echolocation. The system is implemented using the Java programming language, C and C ++. The prototype receives environment data with depth camera and then emit an acoustic signal to the user. The frequency of the sound signals received varies with the distance of object, namely, the closer than is the object higher will be frequency, while further than is the object lower will be frequency. The aim of this project is to understand echolocation and trying to use 2 ways (mono, stereo) to move into the area. In doing so, we also want to know which method is better to use.