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DIST Department of information sciences and technologies

The 1st round of UPM (UPM 2017) was held on Thursday, 20th of April 2017, in Ljubljana, Maribor and Koper. The total 166 competitors in 58 teams participated.

Five teams participated in Koper at UP FAMNIT:

AmbitiousButRubbish (Mirt Hlaj, Leo Gombač, Jan Grbac),
Narcos (Eda Kaja, Lisi Qarkaxhija, Arber Avdullahu),
Pomaranca-2017 (Tilen Jesenko, Goran Tubić, Gašper Moderc),
PSPACE' (Daniel Siladji, Marko Palangetić, Nikita Akulich),
Python_3 (Isidora Rapajić, Mirza Krbezlija, Daniil Baldovski).

PSPACE currently occupies 11th place in the overall rankings. Other gropus occupy 24th place (Narcos), 32rd (Pomaranca-2017), 39th (AmbitiousButRubbish) and 44th place (Python_3).

More on the results of all the contestants and the competition can be found here.