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The Faculty of Mathematics, Natural Sciences and Information Technologies at the University of Primorska (UP FAMNIT) is offering one fully-unded PhD scholarship for a planned Joint PhD (co-tutelle) in computer science with University of St Andrews (UK).

We welcome applicants from EU and internationally who are enthusiastic about working as part of a multidisciplinary team focusing on applied computer science research in the following areas:

  • Human-computer Interaction
  • Computational interactions (HCI with focus on computationally intensive methods e.g. machine learning, AI, Computer Vision ,...)
  • Augmented, Mixed and Virtual Reality
  • Pervasive and Ubiquitous computing

The selected candidate will be offered a tailored research project at UP FAMNIT, HICUP Lab. It is planned that this will be in collaboration with the University of St Andrews (UK) subject to approval. The intention is that upon the successful completion of PhD the candidate will be awarded a joint degree under a planned Joint PhD (co-tutelle) agreement.

What does the position include?

The selected candidate will receive a 36-48 month scholarship which includes:

  • Monthly payments of 1,544 € before tax + expenses
  • Research equipment and a working desk.
  • Yearly budget for other research costs for covering fieldwork and conference attendance.
  • Tuition fees at University of Primorska.

NOTE: St. Andrews tuition fees are not covered by this scholarship. For possible exemptions and height of tuition fees visit follow this link. Fees need to be paid during the time at St. Andrews (minimum one year).

Eibility criteria

Candidates should demonstrate outstanding academic potential with preferably a Master’s degree with distinction and need a strong first degree in Computer Science or related subject. Excellent technical ability, programming skills and proficient active and passive English language skills are essential. We seek a candidate with good prototyping skills and an inventive mind for problem solving. Specifically, we are seeking candidates with a very good knowledge in at least one of the areas of software engineering, 3D graphics, artificial intelligence/machine learning, information visualisation, interaction design, computer vision, systems modelling, software development or similar. Applied mathematics or ability to learn such is also desirable.

Candidate's obligations

Besides the regular coursework required for the doctoral study programme (more information available here http://www.famnit.upr.si/en/education/doctoral/computer-science/), the obligations of the selected candidate include 34 hours per week of research activities conducted at the HICUP lab (http://dist.famnit.upr.si/en/HICUP) as well as 5 hours per week of teaching assistant work (e.g. running lab sessions, consulting students, drafting and correcting coursework, etc.). The teaching assistant work is only conducted during term periods (32 weeks per year). As part of the study programme it is planned that the candidate will be required to spend a minimum of 12 months at the University of St Andrews subject to approval of the collaboration.

The selected candidates will need a proof of fluent English language ability (IELTS —  with min score of 6.5, ToEFL iBT —  with min score of 93 overall and min 20 in each skill).

  • Closing date: 6.4.2019 Deadline extended to 10.5.2019
  • Shortlisting date: 9.4.2019 New date 13.5.2019
  • Interview date: 11.4.2019 onwards New date 15.5.2019

Selected candidates will start their studies at the latest on 1st of October 2019 (can start earlier).

The selected candidate will progress annually, dependent on performance (successful progress into the next year of study and a positive evaluation of their work by supervisors). The selected candidate is expected to complete their doctoral studies in a minimum of 3 and maximum of 4 years.

How to apply?

Applicants for the scholarship need to include the following documents (if not in English or Slovenian all documents need to be officially translated and provided with documents in the original language):

  • A motivational letter (research proposal/personal statement).
  • A Curriculum Vitae (personal details, work experience, education and training, language skills, development skills, awards and recognitions, previous research work, publications). Maximum 4 pages.
  • Portfolio of previous research and/or development projects and/or DIY prototyping (e.g. mobile apps, web apps, DIY electronics, graphical designs, interface designs, system mockups,  DIY prototypes ...)
  • A copy of any previously completed higher-level education degrees: e.g. bachelor degree, master degree, etc.
  • Course transcripts, GPA (grade point average) certificate of exams and tutorials, including explanations of the mark schemes used and, where possible, an indication of their class ranking/position in class.
  • A reference letter (your referee must be able to comment on your suitability for a research degree level of study).

Firstly, applicants should send this information in zip file to matjaz.kljun@upr.si.

In case of large files please use file sharing services such as Wetransfer (https://wetransfer.com/).

For further information regarding application, enrolment and other administrative procedures please read: http://www.famnit.upr.si/en/education/enrolment#heading2, contact Student Services http://www.famnit.upr.si/en/education/student-services

or email Matjaž Kljun (matjaz.kljun@upr.si),  Klen Čopič Pucihar (klen.copic@famnit.upr.si) or Aaron Quigley (aquigley@st-andrews.ac.uk).


More information about HICUP LAB: http://dist.famnit.upr.si/en/HICUP

More information about SACHI LABhttp://sachi.cs.st-andrews.ac.uk/

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