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DIST Department of information sciences and technologies

Delivery day at HICUP Lab brought us 3D printers, laser cutter + many other maker tools. Finally we are worthy of the name Lab.

We now have a laser cuter for cutting and engraving at highest quality as well as 3D printing capabilities including FDM technology as well as the exciting PolyJet technology that prints with droplets and can combine 3 different build materials.

Big thanks to wonderful delivery team Selka that managed to carry a 340 kg machine down that stairs and InnoRenewCoE. Special thanks also to our suppliers from Audax for 3D printers and K-print for the laser cutter.

Every day the future is more exciting here at HICUP Lab.

Watch these videos to see what our machines can do.

Object 260 Connex 3:

Laser cutter Trotec speedy 400

FDM printer F170