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DIST Department of information sciences and technologies
Sunday, 10 January 2016

Computer Science students' statements

For press release purposes, we asked computer science students for their statements about study, working on projects and competitions organized or attended by the faculty. We selected three statements which we are presenting below:

Last year, I had a unique opportunity to work together with a small team of students, on a project exploring how do foreign objects (in our case, a block of bio-concrete) become a part of an underwater ecosystem. Out of the whole project, the most interesting experience was trying to integrate the software and hardware parts done by different people, into a working prototype unit that will survive a month under the sea.

Also, this year I participated for the first time in the UPM student programming contest, from the online rounds we did in Koper, up to the finals in Maribor. Although I have participated in individual programming competitions during high school, it was a whole new level of fun while learning to cooperate with two of my teammates in order to solve as many problems as we can, on a single computer. Finally, as we were ranked the 5th among all teams in Slovenia, we were qualified to participate in the Central European Regional Contest this November in Zagreb. There it was a great pleasure to meet people like us, from different countries, but still sharing a common passion for computer science/programming.

This summer I participated at the Summer School 'Persuasive Technologies' organized by the Faculty. We worked on the application to tackle loneliness in public spaces (eg. cafeterias ...). The focus of the school was on learning how to analyze problems, how to use technology in an unobtrusive way to change people's habits and how to develop products in a team. In addition, we deepened our knowledge of Python programming language. This Summer School was an educational and fun experience.

The thing I like most so far are relaxed and friendly relationships between professors and students. If the lecture content is harder to understand, the teaching staff is always ready to help. They are also encouraging and motivating us to engage in other activities and gain additional experience. I participated in two projects where I learned the use of microcontrollers, computers on a chip (RaspberryPi), I2C buses, various sensors (temperature, humidity, ultrasound). Most of this hardware has already been mentioned and described during the lectures and lab session. During these projects I have actualy programmed for and used all hardware mentioned. I also gained experience of team collaboration and project management through weekly meetings, supervision and future planning. Finally, we presented a working product to the marketplace.