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Mordhau is a multiplayer medieval melee game featuring large open battles, siege engines, and mounted combat. Its author is a doctoral student of computer science and informatics and a teaching assistant at UP FAMNIT Marko Grgurovič. He has presented the project on the Kickstarter and reached the set amount - 80 thousand USD in less than one day.

Mordhau allows up to 64 players to combat in duels or in large open clashes between infantry and cavalry. Each player can create a personalised warrior with body structure, appearance, equipment, weapons and other additions.

"I started to develop the game January 2014," explains Marko Grgurovič, "a colleague and 3D designer from Austria joined me after three months
. After a year and a half we gathered around an extensive online community." However, the development has not been smooth and at one point in time they started everything from scratch again aiming at higher visual quality. Their team named Triternion was joined by 10 other members from Spain, Poland, Austria, Germany, Sweden, Canada and Slovenia.

In the current academic year Marko teaches the course Development of games for undergraduate students of Computer Science and Informatics.

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