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"Reality has never been so unreal as it is today. The technology of virtual and augmented reality is relentlessly changing our everyday lives."

Pogovor o virtuali in dopolnjeni resničnosti z dr. Klenom Čopičem Puciharjem je potekal v sklopu oddaje "Dopoldan in pol" 29. 8. 2016 na Radio Koper. Na podlagi pogovora je nastala naslednja zgodba objavljena na portalu RTV Slovenija 2. 9. 2016.

An interview about virtual and augmented reality with dr. Klen Čopič Pucihar took place in a Radio Koper show called "Dopoldan in pol" on 29. 8. 2016. Based on the interview the following story was published on the portal of the RTV Slovenia on 2. 9. 2016.

We embarked on the train of endless innovation and opportunities. What are we making out this journey depends on ourselves. For example, with the use of technology we can become very unsocial beings, or we can use technology in our advantage and become evermore connected. It all depends on us.

dr. Klen Čopič Pucihar