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DIST Department of information sciences and technologies

Our guest lecturer dr. Andreea Nechifor will hold two linguistic related lectures on Thursday, October 4, 2018:

  • Contextualizing Foreign Language Teaching (at 9.30 am, lecture room FAMNIT-MP4)
  • English Language Teaching and Computer Science (at 11.00, lecture room FAMNIT-MP4)

About the lecture Contextualizing Foreign Language Teaching - The Cultural Element in Teaching a Foreign Language:

Teaching and learning a foreign language involves not only focusing on the ability to master four language skills and grammar structures, but also a wide range of vocabulary, but also on cultural awareness. Culturation, or being literate in the cultural elements of the target language, is a new skill that all participants in this exchange should be aware of.

About lectures English Language Teaching and Computer Science - English for Specific Purposes and Corpus Linguistics:

As students of the Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics, learning English for specific purposes is extremely important. But computer science also enables the understanding of computational linguistics and thus, the help that the use of corpus linguistics can provide in mastering specialized vocabulary in a fast and modern way.

The lectures were held in English.