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DIST Department of information sciences and technologies

University of Primorska has successfully obtained the funding for 26 projects under the Public call on The creative path to knowledge 2016/17 financed by the Slovene Human Resources Development and Scholarship Fund.

Computer science students will have an opportunity to work under the supervision of faculty mentors and tutors from the participating companies/organizations involved on the following project obtained by DIST:

Interactive upgrade the educational path Škocjan with virtual, location aware and augmented digital content

Tutors are coming from the following organisations:

Faculty menthors (3) and students (15) from DIST are also involved in other projects carried out in other faculties of UP.

The purpose of the call is to promote cooperation and integration of higher education system with private sector and organisations with implementation of open and flexible transitions between education, business and social environment. Participants will tackle an innovative and interdisciplinary problem, and collectively acquire new skills, practical knowledge and experience in the working environment of companies and other organizations.