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DIST Department of information sciences and technologies

Where and When: FAMNIT-1-MP2 on 11th of April 2016 at 4PM

Lecturer: Branko Kavšek, UP FAMNIT, IJS

Title: Data and text minig

Data mining (Eng. Data Mining) is a systematic and (partially) automated information search in the data. In databases, data is to a great degree structured, which facilitates the process of data mining. On the other hand, mining text as unstructured data (for example on the web sites ) needs particular attention.
Text Mining partly also overlaps with other research areas such as language technologies and statistics.
During the seminar we will look at how data mining is used to analyse the text and
try to answer questions such as: "How is (unstructured) text converted into a more structured form?", "Are two texts (contents) related and to a what degree?","Is it possible to find a subset of texts relating to a specific thematic content among a larger set of texts?" and "Can we use machine learning algorithms for automatic categorization of text?".
The later will also be shown in the case of a corpus of tourism related.