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DIST Department of information sciences and technologies

We will present the methodology for acoustic seabed classification. We have developed a practical method for acoustic seabed classification. In the lecture, we will give a description of the whole process, from data acquisition to mapping seabed types.

When: 16th May 2016 at 4PM

Where: FAMNIT-1-MP2

Lecturer: Sašo Moškon

Title: Seabed mapping

Developed methodology is applied to the problem of mapping of marine meadows in the Slovenian sea. Effective mapping of marine meadows is a very topical issue, since the directive of the European Union provides for cyclically monitoring of the prevalence of marine meadows. We processed hydrographic data using our developed methodology and mapped seabed types for the entire Slovenian coast. We found 36 large marine meadows and confirmed the presence of every marine meadow by underwater video method. The results are presented in 3D geographic information system. The successful application in the real domain confirms the practical applicability of our methodology and shows that the acoustic classification of the seabed with multibeam sonar acoustic data has great potential in seabed research.