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A seminar titled "A development environment for medical image registration procedures" will be presented by Matjaž Šuber on Monday, 11. December 2017 at 16.00 at the Faculty of Mathematics, Natural Sciences and Information Technologies of the University of Primorska.



LECTURER: Matjaž Šuber, magistrski študent, RIN FAMNIT


TITLE: A development environment for medical image registration


Development of novel image registration methods and procedures is a tedious task because of the need of large number of specialized lower level functions and an environment with the abbility to observe results of each step of the processing. Although several software libraries and environments are available to simplify the development process, they require exhaustive learning and adaptation. To overcome this problem we aimed to implement a development environment that offers all this with only minimal influence on the user development strategies. We have decided to built it on top of Matlab environment that is already well established in this research field. The image registration environment includes a graphical user interface that simplifies testing and application of image registration procedures as well as their development by incorporating a large set of lower level processing functions. The environment was tested by using it for the development of the rigid registration procedure. The results clearly showed that we obtained a reliable environment, which has simplified and improved the implementation.