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DIST Department of information sciences and technologies

The seminar will be held on Monday, 30th of March 2015, 16:00 in FAMNIT-1-MP2

Title: Data and the metrics in logistics infrastructure

Lecturer: Dr. Monika CERINŠEK, Abelium d.o.o.

People have always been trying to get the most for the lowest price. The rise of big data and business intelligence allows for ease of use of the available data to improve our operations. Based on the smart data analysis we can learn from the past mistakes while can try to predict the future.

One of the services that can profit from using data-run business is logistics. Intelligent transport system brings many advantages: a cleaner environment, better energy management, lower transport costs and others. This can be achieved with the change from conventional management to data management.

I will present an example of an intelligent transport system using known good practices and metrics. We will also look at a few key performance indicators.

The lecture a part of the ADRIATinn project.