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The seminar titled "From prototype to market: what to expect when you want to turn your research into a product" will be presented by Alja Isakovič on Monday, 20 February 2017, at 16.00 at the premises of the Faculty of Mathematics, Natural Sciences and Information Technology, University of Primorska, Glagoljaška 8, Koper.

Lecture room: FAMNIT-1-MP2

Title: From prototype to market: what to expect when you want to turn your research into a product

Lecturer: Alja ISAKOVIĆ, University of Ljubljana, Faculty of computer and Information Science

Building prototypes has never been easier or cheaper, but bringing a physical product to market remains a big challenge despite the promises of crowdfunding. Alja Isaković will share her own experience with bringing an Internet of Things product to the market, and talk about the various user experience, technical, funding, and other challenges you can expect on the way. Through this example, we will discuss why good research doesn't necessarily translate into a good product.

Alja Isaković is currently a PhD student and teaching assistant at the Faculty of Computer and Information Science, University of Ljubljana. As a member of LGM (Laboratory for Computer Graphics and Multimedia) and researcher in the field of human-computer interaction, she is currently exploring new data-gathering user interfaces and ways for monitoring user interaction in post-PC web browsers. She previously spent three years at CubeSensors/Koto, an IoT hardware startup, at which she led user experience design (from the app to the packaging), research, copywriting, logistics and customer support. Before that, she was a tech blogger, startup co-founder and mentor, online tutor, and e-learning researcher. As the co-founder of CodeCatz, a coding group for women, and founder of Europe Code Week, she has also been trying to get more people interested in technology.