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DIST Department of information sciences and technologies

The Monday Computer Science Seminar (27 August 2018) titled "Using taxonomy for storing bookmarks" will be prerented by Gregor LEČIĆ.

When and where: 27 Avgust 2018 at 4 PM in FAMNIT - Muzejski1

Presentation as a part of the Research seminar course
Presenter: Gregor LEČIĆ, I. letnik PRIN
Menthor:  Iztok Savnik

Title: Using taxonomy to store bookmarks

Bookmarks are one of the most popular ways to store web pages, as they are easy to use and available practically in all web browsers. Usually we organize them using directories or tags, but these two techniques have some limitations. We will present the research of the possibility of using taxonomy for storing and organizing bookmarks. Taxonomy is hierarchically arranged classification from which it is possible to understand the relationships between concepts. This property can be used to improve the search and improve algorithms for proposing similar bookmarks. The presentation will present the use of taxonomy for data storage and a proof of concept system that stores bookmarks in taxonomy.