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DIST Department of information sciences and technologies

A seminar titled "Use of FT-NIR technologies in industry" will be presented by dr. Danijel STOJKOVIČ KUKULIN, AgroMedica d.o.o. on Monday, 5. June 2017 at 16.00 at the Faculty of Mathematics, Natural Sciences and Information Technologies of the University of Primorska.


PLACE: FAMNIT-1-MP2 at 16:00

LECTURER: dr. Danijel STOJKOVIČ KUKULIN, AgroMedica d.o.o. (http://www.analiza-zemlje.si/)

TITLE: Use of FT-NIR technologies in industry


FT-NIR spectroscopy has largely been superseded by a number of analytical methods that were carried out using conventional chemical processes using chemicals. FT-NIR can be used as a quick and precise tool for non-destructive analysis of liquids and solids. In doing so, we save a lot of time, reduce costs and avoid the use of chemicals that are often environmentally disputable.