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DIST Department of information sciences and technologies

The first round of the University Programming Marathon 2018 was held on 19 April. The time to finish all the assignements is 4 hours. UPM is organised by ACM Slovenia.

The competition takes place at all three public universities with a CS study programme.

  • Faculty of Mathematics, Natural Sciences and Information Technology, Koper
  • Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Computer and Information Science, Maribor and
  • Faculty of Computer and Information Science, Ljubljana

The teams from UP FAMNIT were

  • Migos, which solved 2 assignments
  • narcos (Koper), which solved 1 assignment
  • python3-1 (Koper), which solved 1 assignment and
  • Avokado (Koper), which solved 1 assignment

The results are available here.