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DIST Oddelek za informacijske znanosti in tehnologijo

V ponedeljek, 5. novembra 2018, bo ob 16.00 uri bo Domen ŠOBERL izvedel seminar z naslovom "Planning with qualitative models in robotic domains" v prostorih Fakultete za matematiko, naravoslovje in informacijske tehnologije Univerze na Primorskem, Glagoljaška 8, Koper. Seminar poteka v okviru PONEDELJKOVEGA SEMINARJA RAČUNALNIŠTVA IN INFORMATIKE Oddelkov za Informacijske znanosti in tehnologije UP FAMNIT in UP IAM.

Kdaj in kje: 5. november 2018 ob 16.00 v FAMNIT-VP2

Predavatelj: Domen ŠOBERL
Domen Šoberl je doktorski študent na Fakulteti za računalništvo in informatiko Univerze v Ljubljani. Trenutno je asistent na različnih predmetih računalništva na UP FAMNIT in član Oddelka za informacijske znanosti in tehnologije.

Naslov: Planning with qualitative models in robotic domains

Humans reason qualitatively, which is one of the reasons why humans are better at implementing abstract ideas in the actual world than robots. The concept of learning human-intuitive qualitative models has largely been explored in the field of autonomous agent learning by exploration, where the learned qualitative models serve as comprehensible explanations of the agent's findings. Presenting a qualitative model to a machine with an intention for the machine to accomplish a task, raises challenging problems for which the traditional planning methods are not well-suited.
In our research we address the problem of using qualitative models in the form of Qualitative Differential Equations (QDE) for planning motion in continuous domains. Using qualitative reasoning and simulation, the robot devises a general, non-numerical plan on how to solve the problem, and executes it directly, without the need for additional numerical training or exploration. Numerical adaptation takes place during the first execution, and best performance is typically achieved from the second execution on. We demonstrate our method on some interesting robotic problems.

Seminar bo potekal v angleškem jeziku.