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Jamolbek Mattiev is doing his PhD in the field of Computer Science (Data Mining). His research fields include Artificial Intelligence, Data Mining, Machine Learning. In particular, the sub-fields of Supervised and Unsupervised Learning, Frequent Pattern Discovery, Association Rule Learning, Classification and Clustering.

The presenter talked about technological approaches to help slow the spread of SARS-COV-2 by simplifying and accelerating the process of notifying people who might have been exposed to the virus while preserving their privacy.

A new generation of graduates were awarded the graduation certificates on Friday, May 22, at UP FAMNIT. Unfortunately, we had to cancel the graduation ceremony due to the existing measures to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 disease. As every year, the faculty also awards students who have been particularly successful in their studies or research or who have excelled in extracurricular activities.

Raffaele De Amicis is an Associate Professor, at the School of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science at Oregon State University. He received his Ph.D. in Design and Methods of Industrial Engineering at the Faculty of Engineering, University of Bologna, Italy. From 1999 to 2003, he was a research fellow at the Fraunhofer Institute for Computer Graphics in Darmstadt, Germany and senior researcher at the Technical University of Darmstadt. Before arriving at Oregon State University, he was the Managing Director of GraphiTech, Center for Advanced Computer Graphics Technologies in Trento, Italy, where he was recognized for leadership in science, technology, and innovation. Dr. De Amicis’ research focuses on the possibilities provided by Mixed Reality technologies in the area of design, creativity, and analytics. He has managed and delivered complex research projects, applied immature technologies, and mitigate associated risks. He has been the PI of several multidisciplinary projects contracted or funded by the European Commission, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, governmental agencies and industry with an overall budget of 47 million Euros. As Vice-President of the Board of Directors at GraphicsMedia.net, Dr. De Amicis has developed strong competencies in how to build and manage successful multinational organizations. In this context, he has established strong linkages to diverse Academic and Research Institutes, both at the national and international level. During his career, he has developed strong academic outreach and collaborations with leading universities, industry, and community partners.

Marko Tkalčič from HICUP Lab was invited to present a keynote talk at AI Journey conference. This is a 2-day conference with leading international and Russian experts in AI and data analysis, top companies in the development and application of AI in business. This was a high stakes event visited also by the head of state Vladimir Putin. 

On Halloween night of the 31rd of November, HICUP Lab organised a Projection Mapping Hackathon. Participants were experimenting with projection mapping software such as Map Map, Resolume Arena,  Motive motion tracking software with Optitrack Prime 13 cameras. Curated projections were on display for the visitors of the Halloween party. See video for more...

More than 29,000 participants participated in more than 230 locations in 80 countries. International NASA Space Apps Challenge was also held in Sežana. Between 19th and 21st of October, 6 teams with 31 participants participated in the 1st Round of NASA Space Apps Challenge held in Sežana. Amongst the teams were also students from UP FAMNIT, where two come from HICUP Lab:  Maheshya Weerasinghe, Cuauthli Campos. Other students in the team were Nina Klobas from UP FAMNIT and Nikola Nakov and Lukasz Popowicz from UP Management. They created an educational Augmented Reality game and won 1st place.

Professor Kim Binsted, a researcher and lecturer at the University of Hawaii, will have a Monday seminar titled "The Journey to Mars: The Risks of Long-Lasting Human Space Exploration, and How We Are Overcoming Them."

Doctoral students Nicko Reginio Caluya (from the Philippines) and Varunyu Fuvattanasilp (from Thailand) from the Nara Institute of Science and Technology NAIST visited UP FAMNIT for three months. At the end of the visit Nicko described his interesting experience.

Veljko Pejović is an assistant professor of computer science at the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia. His interests include mobile computing, HCI, resource-efficient computing, and the interaction of technology and society. His work on modelling user movement and communication behaviour from mobile call records won the 2013 Orange D4D Challenge, while his work on interruptibility modelling resulted in the best paper nomination at the ACM UbiComp'14 conference.

Besides the talk, Veljko also visited HICUP Lab where we showed Veljko all the new cool tech gadgets and ongoing research projects.


Our partners from iMotions and G-tec help us run an on-site two day workshop @FAMNIT UP. The workshop covered an overview of sensors (e.g. GSR, EMG, ECG, EEG) for capturing physiological response signals. This was followed by EEG data capture using a 64 channel EEG device. We also looked at data capture using Tobii-pro 2 glasses and advanced API features of iMotions software. Big thanks to instructors Kiara, Bart, Mike and Francisco.

Our partners from Target3D run a workshop on how to use OptiTrack system and how to integrate the tracking into various game engines. As part of the workshop Ashely conducted basic Motive software training that included system calibration, motion tracking of rigid bodies and full body motion capture. We also experimented with recording and streaming of data. Big thanks to instructors Ashley Keeler and Allan Rankin.


Hirokazu Kato is Full Professor at Nara Institute of Science and Technology, Japan and a director of Interactive Media Design Lab (IMD). He is currently visiting UP FAMNIT and HICUP Lab. As part of his visit Kato gave an inspiring talk "What is the next stage of AR encouraging students to think differently, pursue non popular research topics, work on small steps whilst trying to keep the big ambitious goal in sight.  

Hirokazu KATO will present a  seminar on Monday, 24th of June 2019 at 16.00 at the Faculty of Mathematics, Natural Sciences and Information Technologies of the University of Primorska. (Room VP1)

Hirokazu KATO received Dr. Eng. degrees from Osaka University, Japan in 1996. He has worked for Osaka University and Hiroshima City University. Since 2007 he has been working for Nara Institute of Science and Technology directiong Interactive Media Design Lab. Dr. Kato has studied  Augmented Reality for more than 15 years. He developed a vision-based tracking library called the ARToolKit in 1999 which has had a significant impact on the growth of Augmented Reality research. Dr. Kato received Virtual Reality Technical Achievement Award from IEEE VGTC in 2009 and Lasting Impact Award at the 11th IEEE International Symposium on Mixed and Augmented Reality in 2012.


Wednesday, 27 March 2019

Workshop on eye tracking by iMotions

Eye tracking specialist Kiara Heide from iMotions run a workshop on eye tracking using iMotions software with Tobii Pro Nano, Tobii Pro Spectrum and Tobi Pro Glass 2 trackers.

Saturday, 16 March 2019

Workshop on 3D printing by Audax

Our partners from Audax, 3D printing specialist run a workshop on FDM and PolyJet 3D printing technology. We worked with two 3D printers we now have here at our laboratories the FDM printer Stratasys F170 and PolyJet printer Stratasys Object 260 CONNEX. As part of the workshop we learned how to maintain, operate and safely use these two 3D printers. Special thanks to instructor Rok Plevnik.

Expert Tomaž Travnik from K-print run a workshop on laser cutting and engraving. In the workshop we learned how to install, maintain and safely operate Trotech Speedy 400 with 120 Watt CO2 laser. We succesfully made a few sample cuts with the new laser we now have here at our laboratories at University of Primorska.

The Faculty of Mathematics, Natural Sciences and Information Technologies at the University of Primorska (UP FAMNIT) is offering an assistant professor/lecturer position at Department of Information Sciences and Technology (DIST) with the possibility for tenure position.

We welcome applicants from EU as well as Internationally who are enthusiastic about working as part of a multidisciplinary team focusing on applied computer science research in the following areas:

  • Computational Interactions
  • Human-computer Interaction
  • Augmented, Mixed and Virtual Reality
  • Artificial Intelligence/Machine learning
  • Data Science/Big Data
  • Computer Graphics and Computer Vision
  • Pervasive and Ubiquitous computing

PhD researcher Sead JAHIĆ will present the lecture at the Monday CS seminar series on Monday, 11 February, 2019, at 16:00 at the premises of UP FAMNIT,

UP FAMNIT students (among them also CS students) will have a posibility to upgrade their knowledge with practical experience in projects run by industry partners and academic supervisors. UP FAMNIT was succesfull with five new projects under the call "Creative Path to Practical Knowledge". These projects aim to  involve students in innovative, problem-solving and team-solving challenges in the working environment of companies and other organizations.

The Monday Seminar on Computer Science will host Mate HEGYHATI with the lecture titled "Challenges in cyclic batch process planning" on Monday, January 28, 2019, at UP FAMNIT.

Sunday, 27 January 2019

Informativa 2019

University of Primorska has for the 11th consecutive year presented itself at the traditional and largest Slovene education, scholarship and employment fair called Informativa. The fair took place at the Gospodarsko razstavišče in Ljubljana on 25 and 26 January. Faculty of Mathematics, Natural Sciences and Information Technologies and the Department of Information Sciences were also there.

The 12th mathematical day at UP FAMNIT was held on Wednesday, 23 January. The 3rd year secondary school students from Gymnasium Koper. 95 students accompanied by their professors had a possibility to experience various uses of mathematical theories in everyday life.

In 2014, Klen received his PhD in computer science from the University of Lancaster, UK. He is currently working as one of the heads of the Laboratory for Human-Computer Interaction (HICUP Lab) at the University of Primorska, where he is also an assistant professor. He is researching new ways to increase human abilities by using digital technologies. The main challenge is the user interface that creates a bottleneck between a person and the ubiquitous high-end processor performance and the potential of large amounts of data.

Nino Bašić will hold a lecture titled "Academic publishing from a viewpoint of a galley-man" on Monday, January 14, 2019, at 4.00 pm at the premises of the Faculty of Mathematics, Science and Information Technology University of Primorska, as a part of the Monday Computer Science Seminar.

Dr. Marinka ŽITNIK is a postdoctoral research fellow in Computer Science at Stanford University. She will present a seminar titled "Deep Learning for Network Medicine" as a part of the Monday Computer Science Seminar - this time exceptionally on Thursday.

Researchers from the University of Primorska and the department DIST have had accepted another research programme by the Slovenian Research Agency (ARRS). In the next six years the researchers will under the guidance of prof. dr. Enesa Pasalica, a top scientist in the field of cryptography of symmetric keys and head of the Center for cryptography at UP FAMNIT. They will work with an international and interdisciplinary team of researchers, together wiuth doctoral and postdoctoral students working at our University and the InnoRenew CoE.

As the part of the project "Innovative learning and teaching in higher education (INOVUP)" a workshop titled "The Importance and Usage of Computational Thinking in Learning and Teaching" was organised by dr. Andrej Brodnik (UP FAMNIT & DIST) and dr. Sonja Čotar Konrad (UP Faculty of Education).

The competition for the best enterprise idea of Primorska region called "Enterprise Primorska 2018" has reached the finals on Friday, 23 November. The competition was organized by the UIP University Development Center and Incubator of Primorska in cooperation with partners for the twelfth year.

László HAJDÚ will hold a seminar titled "Network based data analytics" on Monday, 19 November 2018.

The seminar titled "Problems in planning applications for public bus transport" will be presented by Balázs DÁVID on Monday, 12 November, 2018 at 16.00 on the premises of the Faculty of Mathematics, Science and Information Technology at the University of Primorska, Glagoljaška 8, Koper. The seminar is part of the MONDAY SEMINAR OF COMPUTER SCIENCE AND INFORMATICS of the Departments of Information Sciences and Technology from UP FAMNIT in UP IAM.

Domen ŠOBERL will present a seminar titled "Planning with qualitative models in robotic domains" on Monday, November 5, 2018, at 16.00, at the premises of the Faculty of Mathematics, Science and Information Technology, University of Primorska, Glagoljaška 8, Koper. The seminar is a part of the Monday Computer Science Seminar of the Departments of Information Sciences and Technology at UP FAMNIT in UP IAM.

V ponedeljek, 22. oktobra 2018, bo ob 16.00 uri v prostorih UP FAMNIT potekal PONEDELJKOV SEMINAR RAČUNALNIŠTVA IN INFORMATIKE Oddelkov za Informacijske znanosti in tehnologije UP FAMNIT in UP IAM. Predavala bo Julie DUCASSE.

Our researchers Klen Čopič Pucihar and Matjaž Kljun from HICUP lab at UP FAMNIT have yesterday (16 October 2018) together
with professor http://people.cs.uu.nl/huerst from Utrecht University (Netherlands) and professor Daisuke Iwai from Osaka University (Japan) co-organised a succesfull 2nd international workshop on MULTIMODAL VIRTUAL & AUGMENTED REALITY (MVAR 2018)  in conjunction with the prestigious conference IEEE ISMAR 2018 - International Symposium on Mixed and Augmented Reality. The workshop was attended by more than 50 participants.

Leon KOPITAR will present a Monday Computer Science Seminar on 15 October 2018 at 16.00 at the premises of the Faculty of Mathematics, Natural Sciences and Information Technologies of the University of Primorska, Glagoljaška 8, Koper.