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DIST Department of information sciences and technologies

László HAJDÚ will hold a seminar titled "Network based data analytics" on Monday, 19 November 2018.

When and where: *19. november 2018* ob *16.00* v *FAMNIT-VP2 *

Lecturer: László HAJDÚ
László Hajdú graduated from the University of Szeged as a Computer Scientist, where he is a PhD Student. He is currently working at the ICT Research Group of InnoRenew CoE, and is also a teaching assistant at UP FAMNIT.

Title: Network based data analytics


Based on our real life activities a huge amount of data is produced about our habits, financial behavior, or connections. Nevertheless, the data itself are not valuable from the application point of view if we cannot extract the information behind by detecting the relevant patterns.
In this talk we will present three different topics in connection with network based data analytics. The first one is a special community detection methodology which can be used to identify the frequent vehicle combinations and hidden connections among passengers in any public transport network. The second research is considering influence maximization and it is able to choose the best influencers in (social) networks. The last topic is a real life example about how can we use network science in fraud detection in the financial sector.