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DIST Department of information sciences and technologies

The 12th mathematical day at UP FAMNIT was held on Wednesday, 23 January. The 3rd year secondary school students from Gymnasium Koper. 95 students accompanied by their professors had a possibility to experience various uses of mathematical theories in everyday life.

The program was, as always, very diverse: Soap bubbles, necklaces, trulli and the cathedral of St. Pavla (Prof. Dr. Jasna Prezelj), Practical world of finances and cryptocurrencies (teach. assist. mag. Rado Pezdir), Problems in everyday life - mathematical solutions (dr. Nina Chiarelli), Mathematics in Sport (assistant professor Boštjan Frelih ), Harmonization of opinions through mathematics (dr. Matjaž Krnc), Combinatoric Games (dr. Nino Bašić), Augmented Reality (dr. Klen Čopič Pucihar), Mathematical strategies and stock exchange (teach. assist. mag. Rado Pezdir).

More in Slovenian https://www.famnit.upr.si/sl/novice/matematicni-dan-za-d.