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DIST Oddelek za informacijske znanosti in tehnologijo

Seminar z naslovom "Application-oriented scheduling problems in public bus transportation" bo izvedel Balázs DÁVID v ponedeljek, 12. novembra 2018, bo ob 16.00 uri v prostorih Fakultete za matematiko, naravoslovje in informacijske tehnologije Univerze na Primorskem, Glagoljaška 8, Koper predavanje v okviru PONEDELJKOVEGA SEMINARJA RAČUNALNIŠTVA IN INFORMATIKE Oddelkov za Informacijske znanosti in tehnologije UP FAMNIT in UP IAM.

Kdaj in kje: 12. november 2018 ob 16.00 v FAMNIT-VP2

Predavatelj: Balázs DÁVID
Balázs Dávid graduated from the University of Szeged as a program designer mathematician, where he is a PhD candidate, soon defending his dissertation. He is currently working at the ICT Research Group of InnoRenew CoE, and is also a teaching assistant at UP FAMNIT.

Naslov: Application-oriented scheduling problems in public bus transportation

Public transportation networks are complex systems, and companies that operate these face a large number of difficult optimization problems every day. A significant portion of their arising expenses comes from different operating costs: these mainly include standing and running costs connected to the vehicles, and salaries of the drivers they employ. To optimize their planning processes, most companies use computer aided decision support systems. These systems usually optimize problems connected to vehicles and drivers separately, and they also have to be able to create daily schedules and long-term plans as well. In this presentation, we examine several optimization problems connected to vehicles in the fleet of a public bus transportation company. These cover a wide range of different problem types, including the creation of daily schedules, long-term planning, real-time management of unforeseen events, and other concepts connected to decision support systems. Different models and algorithms are presented for these problems, with an emphasis on their applicability for real-life scenarios.

Seminar bo potekal v angleškem jeziku.