We organize or participate in programming competitions at the national and international level.

University programming marathon

University programming marathon (UPM) is a Slovenian students’ competition in programming with the emphasis on data structures and algorithms. Participants may use and of the following programming languages:  C, C ++, Java, Pascal, Python 2, 3 Python or C #.

UPM consists of pre-competitions, three competition rounds and finals. At the end of the finals the champion of UPM and champions of individual universities that participate in the contest are announced. UPM also serves as a qualifier for the ACM ICPC contest. This takes place in two stages: a regional competition and the global finals. Slovenia is classified in the Central European region.

Our students participate in the competition since 2003 under the organisation of the Department for mathematichs and computer science at the Faculty of Education, University of Primorska. Nowadays it is organised by DIST.

FTP – Faculty contest in programming

We are organizing the Faculty contest in programming for our students. The contest includes one of the famous games in which students must program the tactics for their playersStudetns then compete with each other with the players they programmed. So far, we have prepared and organized three such competitions:

OIIO – Open International Internet-Olympiad

(OIIO – Open International Internet-Olympiadacademic year the Internet-Olympiads is held in the following disciplines: “Mathematics”, “Physics”, “Chemistry”,  “Сomputer science”, “Economics”, “Ecology”,  “Theoretical Mechanics”, “Strength of Materials”,  “Russian Language”. The Internet-Olympiad is organised by the Research Institute for Quality Education Monitoring and the National Supporting Fund for Innovations in the Sphere of Education. Our students have achieved some noticable results:

  • 2015 first round (Jan Grbac, Leo Gombač)
  • 2014 bronze medal (Aleksandar Tošič, Aleksandar Todorovič, ); other participants (Ana Đorđevič, Tilen Bošič, Tadej Magajna, Alen Redek, Marko Tavčar, Tomaz Tomazinčič, Rudi Kovač)
  • 2013 bronze medal (Aleksandar Todorovič); other participants (Aleksandar Tošič, Marko Tavčar, Andrej Godec, Tilen Bošič)


Imagine Cup is an annual competition sponsored and hosted by Microsoft Corp. which brings together young technologists worldwide to help resolve some of the world’s toughest challenges. The Imagine Cup comprises five major technology competitions, including Software Design, and four challenges (although the challenge number is updated annually). All Imagine Cup competitors create projects that address the Imagine Cup theme: “Imagine a world where technology helps solve the toughest problems”.