Beaver Cart (Bobri Voz) is an interactive comic which is based on Beaver Cart animated film. The author of the story Miha čelar brought together legendary characters from the trilogy Beaver authored by Janez Jaln Bobri and the discovery of the oldest wooden wheel in the world (discovered at Ljubljana marsh in 2002). In collaboration with the author HICUP lab developed an augmented reality mobile application which revives characters in the comic.

With project Beaver Cart researchers at HICUP lab explore new ways of joining digital and print medium. The goal of the project is to define design guidelines for creating interactive print experience. More specifically we investigate the importance of wider context when showing a video. We explore what effect on the reader has video content that is integrated into the picture frame of the comic vs. video presented in full screen. In this context we explore how the method of presenting the video effects readers:

  • reading experience (are readers spending more time with printed medium, are they skiping parts of text, is video content interrupting reading experience,…)
  • readers ability to focus, comprehend and memorize the story.