Invited talk at the CREAI workshop in conjunction with the AIxIA conference in Rome by Marko Tkalčič

On November 6th, Professor Marko Tkalčič from the Faculty of Mathematics, Natural Sciences, and Information Technologies (FAMNIT) at the University of Primorska in Koper, Slovenia, presented a talk titled “Towards Computational Psychology for Creativity.” The session explored the evolving relationship between artificial intelligence (AI) and human creativity.

Tkalčič highlighted the increasing capabilities of AI in demonstrating creativity independently, suggesting its potential to support and enhance human creativity rather than replace it. The talk delved into the connections between human creativity, affective processes, and personality traits, showcasing AI models capable of predicting emotions and personality traits from users’ digital footprints, including tweets and webcam streams.

Tkalčič laid out a framework for future research, envisioning the role of AI in predicting creativity-related psychological constructs.