Monday Computer Science Seminar (6.5.2024)

URŠKA – Univerzitetne rešitve: Študentski Komunikacijski Agent

This presentation will provide an overview of large language models (LLMs), focusing on their architecture, capabilities, and the underlying technologies that power them. We will then explore a practical application of these models through a case study on URŠKA, a Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG) based communication agent. URŠKA is designed to assist university students by answering frequently asked questions about deadlines, academic policies, and more. The talk will highlight the implementation challenges, the integration of RAG with URŠKA, and its plans.

Domen Vake is a third year PhD student at UP FAMNIT under the mentorship of assoc. prof. Branko Kavšek and assoc. prof Jernej Vičič. His research interests and projects mostly concern machine learning, more specifically natural language processing with large language models.